Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Change of Plans

Photo from World Expeditions website - Sherpa Everest Trek

I had a phone call to say that my Nepal trip had been cancelled as 4 people had pulled out and there weren't enough people to run the trip. I was really disappointed, but I had the option of going on an alternate trip that leaves around the same time, called the Sherpa Everest Trek.

This trip goes to all the same places but goes further. It goes to Ama Dablam Base Camp which is 4800m in altitude. So this is the trip I'm going on now. I'm very excited about it. It leaves on the 25 March (3 days earlier than the other one). The only disappointment is that Sorrell Wilbey wont be on the trip. Go here to see the trip details.

I can't believe January has gone already. I've been exercising heaps, losing abit of weight and starting to feel abit fitter.

Its been hard with school holidays and work to try and fit in some "me" time to do some creating. But now school has started again, I'll be able to do some beading and embroidery on my days off when I'm home alone.


Mary said...

I'm sorry your original trip was canceled - that's great that you are able to go on a similar one.

Jules said...

I'm so glad that they could give you an alternative trip Barb, this one sounds even more amazing! Not long to go now!

Kaite said...

Hi Barb, that will be an exciting trip. Do you have any hills near you than you can walk up and down for prep? K.

Linda said...

Glad you're still able to exciting!
Thank you for the lovely comment about my digi collage; I really appreciate it.