Tuesday, 26 January 2010

We're back from our short holiday by the sea

We spent 5 days staying in a cabin at Corindi Beach Caravan Park, near Coffs Harbour. Its located on a headland looking over the beach and our cabin had ocean views. It was a really beautiful spot. I woke up early each morning to see the sunrise. We saw dolphins swimming around a few times. After the sunrise I went for an hours walk along the beach. This is something I'm really going to miss.

The lagoon area out the front

Looking to the left down towards Red Rock.

(I didn't take a photo out to the right of the other longer stretch of beach were I went for my morning walk)

The view from the cabin

Our cabin by the sea

My husband and son fishing at Little Beach at Red Rock.

Then the days were spent relaxing, swimming and fishing. We also went to another place close by called Red Rock. My husband and son fished at this great spot called Little Beach, where the river flowed out to the ocean. It was a really pretty spot, the water was beautiful and I really enjoyed my swim there.
Our late afternoon hangout - such a beautiful spot

We finished off the day by sitting looking over the ocean, having a few drinks and talking, before having a BBQ dinner. The weather was lovely but hot. I slathered on the sunscreen, but still managed to get abit burnt. We drove back home today and I'm going through withdrawals. I really missed my swim in the ocean today. Oh well, we'll just have to go back there again another time. Its only about 2 hours drive away so not too far to go. Its back to work tomorrow for me....oh well, I shouldn't complain, it's only 2 months and I'll be going on my overseas trip to Nepal. Time is getting away quickly, already one month of 2010 nearly gone. I hope the rest of the year slows down abit.


Mary said...

That looks like such a beautiful place. I want to take a trip...oh that's right - it's winter here and I don't have any money. darn. :O) I'm glad you had a good time.

Its All About Creating said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing. -Marlene

Jules said...

It looks idyllic Barb, so glad you had a wonderful time. Now you are counting down to the big one in March!

Kaite said...

How idyllic Barb, you can try to remember it by beading it. K.

Chris said...

Wow, What a wonderful place.

Linda said...

What a gorgeous place...I want to go there! No wonder you're having withdrawal symptoms Barbara.