Thursday, 23 September 2010

Another Bead Journal Finished

Before I start I'll apologise for the terrible photo. I have so much trouble trying to photograph my work.

This is my February Bead Journal finished. I finished it a few weeks ago but couldn't take any decent photos of it. This is the best of a bad bunch. If I can get a better photo at some stage, I'll replace it.

Also one other thing I should point out is that I ran out of the larger gold beads that are around the edging, so that's why there are only the gold seed beads in the left hand corner. I couldn't find them anywhere, so if I ever do I'll redo that corner.

I've started my next bead journal. This one has a Spring theme and is actually the September one. I still have some other months that I need to go back and do.

Spring Has Sprung

Sorry it has been so long. I've been going through abit of a tough time. Its wonderful to see Spring finally here. I thought I would post some lovely flower photos.
Don't you just adore the beautiful lingering scent of Jasmine on a spring breeze. This is our beautiful Jasmine vine on our side fence. I usually get a big wiff of it when I come home each day.
I also have some news. Tomorrow is the last day of the 10 Week fitness challenge I've been doing at the gym. I lost 2.5kg which isn't alot, but I also lost 47cm from all over my body. So it has been working, but I've been mainly toning up and getting more muscle. I'm feeling good and have really noticed a difference in my fitness. I hated running before, but now I actually like it. I've been doing so much variety of different exercises and classes that it hasn't got boring at all. I'm going to continue on at the gym with early morning classes and also they will have a bootcamp class on a Tuesday morning with Rani our Challenge trainer. So I just need to keep persevering. I think there is about 10 weeks now until Christmas - so I'm going to keep going with my own personal challenge and see how much I can lose by Christmas.