Sunday, 29 March 2009

Personal Library of Stitches

Did more stitching today. This is another sampler for Week 3. Hoping to get one done for week 4 before the next class notes come this week. This class sure has got my creative juices flowing. I've been getting lots of ideas of things I want to try and I've been drawing lots of designs in my sketchbook.

I went and saw the movie "Duplicity" last night. It was good but it jumped back and forwards in time abit so you had to really keep track of what was going on. It was abit confusing at first. But it was good as abit of light hearted entertainment.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Personal Library of Stitches

I managed to do some more stitching. I was having just abit of a play. Its abit of a combination of Lesson 2 and Lesson 3. I'm going to d0 samplers for Lesson 3 and 4 next.
Going to the movies now with a friend to see Duplicity - hope it's good.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Personal Library of Stitches

My Week 2 sampler for PLOS was looking abit bare so I added more to it. I'm happy with it now. The week 3 lesson looks really interesting, I'm going to get started on it today.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Personal Library of Stitches - Online Joggles Class

I've started the Personal Library of Stitches online joggles class with Sharon Boggon. To find out more about the class go here.

I've been wanting to explore embroidery stitches more so this was the perfect class for me to do. It's been fun. Week 3's class notes are coming out tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that.

Week 1

Week 2

I really enjoyed doing my last post on Indian Inspiration. I think I will do some inspirational posts again on different topics in the future. I found lots of great sites and photos that I hadn't seen before as well as being able to share those I love. Its also great having all these links in the one spot that I can go back and refer to. It's a shame that the music can't be linked in with the post so it can be played along with it anytime someone goes to it.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Indian Sensations

This is a piece I've started on, which is inpired by India. There's lots more embroidery on it still to come.

India is so rich in beauty, colour, culture, religion, amazing textiles and architecture. Although I haven't been there before it is one place that inspires me creatively. So I wanted to do a post that celebrated all these wonderful aspects of India and gives lots of inspirational avenues to explore the many aspects of Indian style.
So sit back, pour yourself a cup of Chia, put your speakers on, imagine you are wrapped up in an exotic embroidered sari in your favourite colour and let yourself slip through space and time into a land of enchantment, visiting ancient temples, taking in the aromas of the many spices in the Indian Bazaars and let your spirit dance to the beat of the drums....
Photo Credits

Click on photo credits and click on the links to go to each of the various photographers sites. You can find many amazing photos of India on Flickr.
More amazing Indian photos from various photographers can be found on my flickr favourites page.
Explore the many Indian Inspired books:
Also some books I want to get The Techniques of Indian Embroidery and Indian Embroidery.
Watch these wonderful films:

Slumdog Millionaire

Monsoon Wedding

A Passage to India

The Darjeeling Limited

Spend some time looking at India through others eyes - explore these blogs and websites: (click on the names to go to the sites)

Deezden - Dithi does beautiful Indian art work and her blog is so colourful and inspiring

I'd Rather Be in India - Tiggy writes about her visits to India, her second home. Her dyeing, stitching and teaching are inspired by her love of India.

Rang - The Colours of Life

And Another...


A Cup of Chai

India and I

The Indian Road Romeo

Indian Embroidery Styles

Indian Yarn

Once Upon a Tea Time

An Indian Summer

Photo credit - go to Photo_Mind's photostream

Drift away on the aromas of curries and spices on these blogs:

Indian Food Kitchen Blog

Petrina's Indian Food Blog

Also explore Flickr Groups inspired by india:

I Love India Traditional

Incredible India

India - Miniature Paintings and Wall Paintings

Shisha Embroidery

Indian Food

India - Art and Crafts

India - Village Life

Hope you have enjoyed your travels.