Saturday, 7 November 2009

I'm going to Kathmandu!!!!!

I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been wanting to see Everest and go trekking in Nepal for a long time. So since I'm turning 45 in December, I wanted to do something special.

I've been looking at brochures and thought I'd picked out one I wanted to do, but then I went looking on the internet at a few different companies. I then found the perfect trip with World Expeditions. It leaves at the end of March for 15 days. Its a fundraising trip for the Australian Himalayan Foundation and part of the money goes towards teacher training (something I'm interested in). We trek for 7 days and camp for part of this time. We also visit the first school and hospital that Sir Edmund Hilary built.

The thing that also makes this trip really special is that Sorrell Wilby is escorting it. Sorrell is an amazing woman. She rode a bicycle through Asia, walked across Tibet, walked the length of the Himalayan Mountains and climbed all the major mountains in Africa. She wrote books on these trips and worked for Australian Geographic. She now does segments on an Australian travel show called "Getaway". I remember reading her books when they first came out and loved them and her sense of adventure. Its going to be wonderful talking to her and listening to her stories.

So, abit less that 5 months to go. Now all I have to do is lose weight and get fit. I'm off to a good start. I've been exercising for 1 - 2 hours most days and I've lost 2.5 kilos in abit over a month. I'm going to start a new blog for this trip and the lead up to it. I'll keep you posted on my progress.