Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I'm off to Kathmandu Tonight!!!!!

Everythings ready for me to go. We drive to Brisbane this afternoon and my plane leaves from there at midnight. I fly to Bangkok where there is 4 hours before flying onto Kathmandu.

Its very exciting!!!

I've been emailing a few of the people going on the trip, which has been really good. I've kept in fairly regular contact with one of the people. So it was nice to send an email to her and say "See you in Kathmandu on Friday".

I'm a little bit nervous to. Its a big adventure for me. Its the first time overseas by myself, the first time I've gone on a trek and the first time I've been away from my son for more than a few days. Also there are those little doubts that come up in your mind about whether I will make it through the whole trek and whether I might suffer from Altitude sickness. I know its natural to feel these things.

But when I get on that plane, I'm going to take a deep breath, relax and let go of all this and go with the flow of the experience. (Well, that's the plan)

It is going to be such an amazing adventure. I'm sure when I'm high up in altitude, with Everest and the other mountains all towering around, its going to be such a magical experience of feeling like being in the presence of the Gods. I can't wait to see how magnificent the Stars and Milky Way look.

Be back soon!!!


Monday, 15 March 2010

TAST 2 - Week 2 Knotted Loop Stitch

Week 1 Diamond Stitch and Week 2 Knotted Looped Stitch

I love this week's stitch. I have always liked using buttonhole stitch in my work, but I think this is going to be my new favourite. It gives a great effect when stitched over and over again like this coloured sample below.

Its fun stitching curves and I also like the effect of the random length stitches in the purple sample.
If you would like to learn how to do this stitch or to learn more about TAST 2, go to Sharon B's blog Pin Tangle.

To see an interesting sampler of this stitch go to Fat Quarter's Blog. She's come up with some interesting variations. The square looks great. You can see the full sampler on her flickr site.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

TAST 2 - Week 1 - Diamond Stitch

Week 1 - Diamond Stitch samples
This was a new stitch for me. Don't you love it when you first start off on a stitch you've never done before and you have to study the instructions while you are trying to do it, and finally it all clicks and you can do it easily.
If you want to find out how to do Diamond Stitch go to the TAST 2 Week 1 Blog entry. You can also see some of the other participants work by going to the TAST Flickr site.
If you want to find out more about TAST 2 and to explore the participants blogs go to Sharon B's blog entry.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Bead Journal Project 3 - January

January - Sunrise at Corindi Beach

This is my January piece - I'm running behind but hope to catch up in the next few months. Each of my pieces are going represent an experience I've had during that particular month.
Each of my pieces are going to incorporate beading with embroidery, etc. I'm hoping to incorporating some more elaborate beading in the other pieces as I go along.
I was going to bead around the edges of this, but I've decided that when I finish at the end of the year, I will join them all together to make a wall hanging, so I will do some beading around the edges of the finished piece.