Tuesday, 9 February 2010

DJ Pettitt's Photoshop Manipulation online class

Finally I've had a chance to have a play and do some of the exercises for this class.
I'm only a beginner at doing this so don't look to closely. I had trouble selecting the antenae on the original photos, and didn't have the patience to fiddle too much, so my poor butterfly hasn't got any.
The photos used are not mine, they are D J's from the class. To find out more about D J Pettitt go to her blog here.

I have two more days off work - Yay!! So tomorrow I'm going to get stuck into doing some beading so I can catch up on the bead project.


Lynn said...

I would never know you are just a beginner, all of these versions of this exercise are just beautiful, you are doing fantastic and isn't it fun?

Linda said...

They look just great Barbara....well done. Love those flourishes!