Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Come have a cuppa with me and be inspired

Come join me.
Would you like Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate....
I'm having Chai
Get comfy and come exploring with me....

First up, go and have a look at this new free E-Zine called Textile Arts Quarterly.

For some TAST 2 (Take a Stitch Tuesday) inspiration go to CJ33's Flickr page to see her Embroidery from the first TAST.

Also Camzy's Flickr page has some amazing TAST embroidery.

And Kay Susan's TAST pieces show many interesting variations of stitches.

To see some more gorgeous stitching go here to Mrs Kitty's page on the Hand Embroidery Network.

Now for some Textile Art:

It was a nice surprise to stumble across this colourful Needlefelted Textile Art piece by KoolKookyKreatures

To see some amazing talent go to Moy Mackay's Gallery. Her felted pieces look like beautiful paintings. She has come up with an inovative idea of having an exhibition of her Scottish landscapes available as an application that can be downloaded onto iphones. We have an ipod so it should be able to be downloaded onto that as well. For the details go to her blog post.

To see a Flickr Mosaic of the gorgeous Fibre Art of Karen Cattoire go here. If you would like to see lots more of Karen's work go to her Flickr site. She is an amazing talented Textile Artist.

To see lots of beautiful colourful Fabric Art creations go to Molly Jean Hensons Flickr site. If you would like to find out more about Molly go to your blog Creative Life and Times.

How about some Painting and Mixed Media:

I love these whimsical folkart paintings by
Karla Gerard. To see a gallery of her work go to her flickr site.

Find lots of creative inspiration from Love Stitching Red's many Flickr Mosaics

And for the grand finale of our little adventure go to Art Trader Magazine where you can download these free e-zines. Issue 6 has an article on Karen Cattorie who was featured above.
Now that should keep you nice and busy! Hopefully it has your creative juices flowing.

Thank you for coming along on this little cybertrip with me. I hope you had as much fun as I did. You'll have to come for a cuppa again with me soon!


Sweetpea said...

That was fun, thanks for organizing the *tour*! Always enjoyable to venture to new creative places...

Jules said...

Thanks for all those great links Barb, and what a lovele colourful post. I hope all is well with you and that you are busy being excited about your trip!

Mary said...

Thanks for all of the great links! I'm not going to get anything done at my house this morning now! :O)

Lynn said...

Nice and busy is right :) I just downloaded the Textile Arts Quarterly, and I am loving it already. Thanks for all the great links to such inspiration :)

Linda said...

Well that kept me busy for a while! All the links were full of inspiration - thank you Barbara.