Thursday, 3 September 2009

Petit Dolls and Cloth and Clay Dolls

Suzi Blu - Les Petit Dolls Online Class
I'm very excited as I've enrolled to do Suzi Blu's Les Petit Dolls Class. I've wanted to do this class for awhile now. If you are interested in doing it, the class hasn't started yet. It starts on 5 September so there is still time to join the class. Suzi is a great character. She teaches in a very fun and flamboyant way. I love her style and hope that some of her talent rubs off on me as I'm only a beginner drawer. Go here is you want to find out all about the class and to register. You might like to also go here to find out more about Suzi and her Les Petit Academy.

Jane DesRosier's Cloth and Clay Doll Online Workshop

I've also enrolled in Jane DesRosier's Cloth and Clay Doll Online Workshop. The good thing about this workshop is that it is available at anytime and you work totally at your own pace. I love these dolls. I've started my first doll and I can't wait to get her finished. If you would like to sign up or register go here. Or even just go to the site to check out all the gorgeous dolls.
I've set aside the beaded art doll from the last class I did as I need to contemplate the type of hair to do on her. I will get her finished soon!


Eva said...

40$ for just signing in... pretty lot for something you can do self-taught as well.

Linda said...

Hi Barbara
Great minds think alike... I signed up for Gritty Jane's Dolls a couple of days ago! I am hoping to get started this weekend; I have just bought my clay. We must stay in touch and support each other - see you in the Ning group...

Art4Sol said...

I think you've been bitten by the doll making bug. The class sounds like a lot of fun!

Barbara said...

Hi Eva - Yes classes can be expensive. I'm really enjoying this class though and well and truly getting my moneys worth. But I agree they can be a waste of money if you don't pick wisely.

Hi Linda - I'm going to be doing more of my doll today. I'm looking forward to seeing yours.

Hi Darlene - Yes I think I've been bitten too!! I'm really enjoying making this cloth and clay doll. I think I might make a few as Christmas presents for my Mum and Aunty.