Friday, 11 September 2009

Cloth and Clay Doll Progress

This was a progress shot from yesterday. I've attached her limbs, done abit of the painting and made her skirt. So she just needs abit more painting and the skirt to be attached. This was really fun making her. Darlene from Art4Sol left a comment saying that I'd got the doll making bug. I think I have!

I had these three Kookaburras on our side fence yesterday. The weather is starting to really warm up and I was having lunch outside. They stopped laughing when I came outside with the camera so I couldn't get one of them in full song.
Its nice having lots of wildlife around. We have a little strip of reserve beside our house and a creek and reserve behind it. Last week when I came home I saw a Kangaroo munching on grass just over the other side of this fence in the reserve. It makes you feel like you are living out in the country even though we are in a residential area.

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Art4Sol said...

I love how she's "becoming"...little, by little. Can't wait to see her finished! I think this is a natural medium for you.