Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Dust Storm

We woke to a lovely day today and watched on the news where there were dust storms in Sydney and other areas down south. The pictures showed an orange sky with poor visibility. The ferry's on the harbour had been cancelled and flights diverted to Brisbane airport. I was thinking poor people down there.
But by 9.30am the dust started rolling in here. Sydney is approximately 600 klm away so we weren't expecting to get any dust here. Its been windy and hazy since then. I'm glad I'm not working today so I can stay inside and also my son is home sick today from school with a cold. So I'm glad he's not out in it either. The light outside has a yellowy twilight tinge to it. It's a little bit eery.
These photos were taken about 10.30am. The sky isn't orange here, just a dirty white colour. It looks abit like heavy smoke lingering in the air.
We have a festival of Cricket on in our town this week with state sides playing. I'm wondering whether they will have to cancel todays games. Also tomorrow is our Main Horse Race day of the year. There's a half day holiday for it. I'm not going this year but I'm hoping that tomorrow will be all clear for those going, otherwise it would be disappointing.

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belle said...

I'm in northern NSW, near Tweed Heads, it's the same here. Very quiet, and everything blanketed by dust....eery alright.

I'm visiting you from Art4Sol's blog, since I'm stuck indoors I thought I might as well have some fun looking at beautiful textile work.