Friday, 17 July 2009

Thanks Marga!

"Sunshine" - ATC by Marga

I received this lovely ATC in the post this week all the way from Florida from Marga

It was a lovely surprise and the first ATC I have every got from anyone - so its extra special.

It came in this little cover that she had also made, which is a great idea.
Thanks again Marga, you made my day!


Art4Sol said...

How wonderful! It is so special. I like the idea of ATCs...but I haven't made any yet.

Margarita Korioth said...

I'm glad you got it and like it! You are right it is nice to have new "blogger friends" , who shares the same interests.
a hug from Florida!

KaiteM. said...

Hi Barb and also Marga, what a delightful sunny face, it's beautiful. ATCs are like wonderful little secret fibre handshakes, and Marga's is one of the best i've seen. Kaite

Barbara said...

Hi Darlene, Marga and Kaite, It is really nice receiving an ATC from someone. It was nice receiving this lovely sun while we are in the middle of winter. I'll have to make some too.