Saturday, 11 July 2009

Some More Beading and Hand Embroidery Group

I've finished this sample. The edges are abit wobbly and the beading isn't the best but I like how the motif turned out. It is my first try at this type of beading so its going to take abit of practice. I found it abit hard sometimes when trying to get into the corners to make it even. I suppose it all takes practice. I need to put a backing on it and do some edging and that may fix the edges up abit.

I really like this sample so far. It looks terrible in the photo. The bugle beads are a very light green and a darker green alternated, with a gold seed bead on each end. It wouldn't scan. When I've done some more, I'll try to get a better image of it.

This weeks lesson is the start of the beaded art doll. We are making the face moulds, the body and starting on the beaded shield front. I haven't started yet so I'll have to get cracking!

For the Hand Embroiderers out there you might like to visit the Hand Embroidery Network Group. I've joined but haven't had a chance to have a good look around it yet.

Have a good weekend!


Eva said...

Well done! I did some beading when I was very young, and if my first piece would have turned out to be so fine, I would have been very happy. I remember it to be quite difficult.

Sparklyjools said...

This is really super for your first sample, I love the design and the colours. Looking forward to seeing how the next one comes out!
Jules x

Barbara said...

Thanks Eva and Jules. I have a new appreciation of beading. Its not easy trying to get all the rows lined up and even. I've been doing abit more so should have some to show in the next few days.

molly jean said...

Lovely beading!
Have you seen the book COLOR WORKS THE CRAFTER'S GUIDE TO COLOR? It has lots of examples of specific color combinations. With samples in various media. Your beading samples reminded me of that book.