Thursday, 9 July 2009

A little Weekend Visitor

Last Saturday this little cutey got handed into me at work. It had been found in the children's park right next to my work. I rang Animal Rescue and they didn't have room for it, so they asked if I could take it home for the weekend and ring them again on Monday.

So when I took it home I was sure to tell my 7 year old son that we were just acting as carers for the weekend and it had to go back on Monday. We already have a cat Jazzy and really can't afford at the moment to have a second cat particularly as we go away abit and have to put our cat into a pet resort for those times.
Anyway, within moments of bringing him home it had the name "Midnight". It was so affectionate and playful. We all fell in love with it. It kept ending up on my husband's tummy or shoulder - I think it was trying it's hardest to win him over. When I fed it for the first time it must have been so hungry that it went splashing right through the milk to get to the food. In the night when it was getting tired it snuggled up underneath my chin, which was really cute.

Every time our cat would see it they both would hiss at each other, but on the morning before the kitten went Jazzy was hanging around getting abit closer. It was best that she didn't get too close to it though as she probably would have been heartbroken when it went. As it was, in the afternoon she looked all over the house to see where it had gone. There were also a few tears on my sons part.

On Monday I took it out to Animal Rescue and they said that it was only about 2 months old. As it was so loveable and friendly they said that it shouldn't have any trouble finding a home. Also they said that everyone usually wants a black and white kitten. It still pulled on my heartstrings - it would have been nice to have kept him. But I suppose sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.
I couldn't work in a vets or for Animal Rescue, I'd fall in love with all the animals and want to keep them all. My sons like that too.
So heres hoping that little Midnight is snuggled up somewhere now with a new family who are going to love him like crazy as he had such a beautiful nature.


Eva said...

I couldn't have resisted. Unfortunately, I'm -- physically! -- allergic to cats, but I love them and would love this one.

connie said...

You are a strong woman. I admire your strength. Kitties are wonderful. I can hear mine upstairs racing around as I am typing this. Hope you have a good week and Midnight is snuggling with someone.

Suzan said...

I'm sure someone will fall in love with those gorgeous eyes and take Midnight home!

Art4Sol said...

What a cutie...I'm sure someone will snatch him up in no time! Beautiful eyes, too.

Barbara said...

Eva and Connie - it was very hard to resist keeping him. I think if it was just up to me I would have but my husband definately didn't want another cat.

Susan and Darlene - He has got beautiful eyes. The camera flash has really accentuated (not sure about my spelling?) the green. He was such a little character that I'm sure he would win someone over straight away. I'm sure he would already have a good home. I do miss him though!