Thursday, 7 May 2009

Textile Online Workshop - Holey Moley Club with Dale Rollerson

Dale from the Thread Studio is running a 12 month online workshop. To find out more details go to her blog Holey Moley Club. It is a 12 month class starting on the 5th July. There are 6 lessons, with one class ever 2 months. This is a great idea as 6 week classes tend to come and go too quickly. This way you have so much more time to create and interact. Sounds like she has lots of interesting activities/challenges planned for the time in between the classes too. It sounds very tempting.


Art4Sol said...

Yes it does sounds very tempting. I believe Sandy over at Focus on Fiber has taken one these classes...she does beautiful stitchery...I'll bookmark it and think about it more. Thanks.

Barbara said...

I will have to go and look at Sandy's stitching.