Friday, 22 May 2009

Crazy Weather

We've had stong winds and heavy rain for the last 2 days in the whole region. There has been lots of flooding north of us and into Queensland, the worst some areas have had in 35 years. Schools have been closed yesterday and today. They were asking people yesterday to not travel on the roads if they didn't have too as there were trees coming down and power lines.

There is some flooding in our city so far, but the river is rising and they expect it to peak today at 10.4 metres at noon. It goes over the levee bank at 10.6 metres. They are asking everyone in the CBD to evacuate by 10.00am today. The Sun is trying to shine, so we may be lucky and not get any more rain. It still could be a major flood as there was alot of rain overnight in the whole catchment area. My work is in the CBD near the river, but it is raised up. I don't think it will be open today. I haven't had to work the last few days so I was able to stay at home and off the roads. My husband works over the other side of the river so I'm hoping that he will only just be moving things at work this morning and then coming home.

Lucky that 2/3rds of the city is up on a huge hill. We live up there too so no flooding for us thank goodness.

I've been doing some more stitching. I'll have something to show soon. I'm working on a UFO and also working on the Orange Indian piece from my Indian inspiration post.


tangled stitch said...

Best wishes and prayers for your own personal safety and your town.

Barbara said...

Thanks for your concern Debra - all is fine now.