Thursday, 7 May 2009

Guatemalan Textiles

I love fabric and embroidery from other countries. I have been reading Rayela's Fiber Focus blog and came across her posts on Guatamala. There are some posts on there from Erin, who has an Etsy shop called La Chapina. She sells wonderful packs of Scrap sampler Huipil patches. I ordered one as I wanted to have some interesting pieces to use in my stash.

They came with a cute little worry doll.

They are all so colourful and interesting. I'm going to incorporate them into different pieces that I do.

I went on Dalene's blog - Art4sol today and saw that she has also purchased a pack of these and she has done a post on this today. I hope Darlene doesn't mind that I've also done a post. It's abit like show and tell - I wanted to show mine too. Darlene does some really lovely work, so it will be interesting to see what she uses these for.

I wanted to find out some more about Guatamalan Textiles so I got these two books out of the Library while I was waiting for the pack to arrive.

This book is one of the books in the Fabric Folios series (a great series). Its full of vibrant photos of Guatemalan Textile pieces with explanations of the techniques. The introduction presents interesting background information on materials used, principal techniques, patterns and symbolism plus more. This is a large hardcovered book. Its a beautiful book that covers Textiles from the areas of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand; Orissa, Rajasthan and Gujarat; Mexico and Guatemala; Panama; Romania and Benin. It is full of lots of "Eye Candy". There are many photos of traditional costumes, people and beautiful fabrics. It is written as a Textile Tour of the world where you are transported to each country as she writes about her travels, details about people she meets and her experiences with lots of background information included. It will be hard parting with this one!


Art4Sol said...

I don't mind at all, Barb. I love viewing the books you added of my weaknesses.
Thanks for mentioning the small doll which I had momentarily forgotten...I may add it to the stitchery I'm working on may work out.

Barbara said...

Thats good Darlene. The little dolls are cute aren't they. It will look nice on one of your pieces. I can totally understand your weakness for books.

Sparklyjools said...

This looks fascinating Barb,I will have to find out more, and the little worry doll is gorgeous! x

Barbara said...

Hello Jules, somehow I missed this comment that you left, sorry. The little doll is cute. I love the dolls you've made.