Sunday, 24 May 2009

Jane Austen Meets Bridget Jones

"Lost In Austen"
This DVD was one of my Mothers Day presents. It was on TV a while ago and I only got to watch one episode. When I was off work from my operation, I got to curl up on the lounge and watch this all in one go. I really loved it. It's really well done.
If you're a Jane Austen and Bridget Jones fan you have to see this, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Lesley said...

Hi there. Iloved Lost In Austen, too, (but must admit I was a bit disappointed with Mr Darcy) I liked the way the perceived characteristics of the characters came across. Instead of being stupid, MrsBennett came across as very shrewd and calculating, while Mr Bennett (in the book, seemingly wise and tolerant) became lazy and self obsessed. (anything for a quiet life) I believe they are making a second series so I am looking forward to that.

Barbara said...

Hi Leslie - I have to agree about Mr Darcy, he just didn't have enough charm or charisma. But apart from that it was well done. That's great that they're doing another series.