Thursday, 1 January 2009

A New Year Begins

Happy New Year!!

We had a great night. We went out to our local hotel where there was a band playing. I haven't been out for New Years Eve for a few years. We had a great time - although I did have a few too many drinks. My legs were abit sore today too from the dancing and also we walked home (20 minute walk) as there was a long wait for taxis. So we had a easy going day today.

I usually write a list on the 1 January of the things I want to do in the year - this will have to wait till tomorrow. It's always exciting contemplating the possibilities your life could bring in the coming year.


Art4Sol said...

Glad to hear you had a fun time on New Year's least you didn't have too far to travel.
We're still snowed in so we stayed close to the fire.
Here's to a great year!

Barbara said...

Hi Darlene - All the best to you for 2009. Hopefully the snow will break soon for you. Just as well you have a snuggly fire to keep you warm.