Thursday, 29 January 2009

Camping at South West Rocks

We went camping for 4 days over the Australia Day Long Weekend down to South West Rocks. Its a lovely beachside town.

Look what was outside our tent every morning and afternoon - Kangaroos.

Here's a mum with her little joey poking its head out of its pouch.

Our campsite.
This is Trial Bay Goal which was built up on this lovely headland. Bad photo but I forgot to take one out the front and this is the only one that shows the whole Goal. It was built in the late 1800's and used as a jail. Then during World War 1 it was used as an internment camp. There is still alot of the main structure still remaining.

I loved how the trees and hills where framed by this arched window.

There were lots of arches.

It had an earie feeling walking down here and also going into the cells. You can see 2 stories of cells on each side.

This is Smokey Cape Lighthouse. It is a steep walk up to here. About half way up they have made the old Lighthouse Keepers House into a Bed & Breakfast. Its a spectacular spot.

This is the view out in one direction, out the front of the Bed & Breakfast. In the other direction there is a long stretch of secluded beach. Beautiful.

We will have to go camping back there again.

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