Thursday, 1 January 2009

My aspirations for the year.

This is a picture of the Hindu deity, Ganesh. The photo was taken at the Crystal Castle near Byron Bay, in Australia. He is believed to be the "remover of obstacles" and the "Lord of Beginnings". He is also known as the "Patron of Arts and Sciences". So it seemed appropriate to use his photo as a good omen for the year ahead.

I wrote out all my goals for the year in this new Diary/Planner that I bought.

The list includes things I want to do, Some places I want to go to and things I want to get done around the house. Some of my creative goals are to make a beaded art doll, dye material, finish my UFO's and develop my embroidery skills. Also I'm wanting to go to the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane in May where Dale from the Thread Studio will be.

I am also going to be participating in Sharon Boggons Stitch Exploration Challenge that starts on the 15 January. It is open to anyone and just requires you to go here to read about it and leave a comment on this post introducing yourself and supplying your blog or flickr address. Go here for Sharon's blog.

There is also a Bead Journal Project challenge that has been going for a few years. I'm thinking of maybe doing it this year if they run it again. Will have to see.

Also the Joggles classes have been announced for the first part of the year. I'm going to try not to do as many classes this year. But I have been wanting to do Sharon's Personal Library of Stitches class for along time so I think I will do that. Also it will go well with the Stitch Challenge.


Art4Sol said...

Boy, what an ambitious person you are!
I'm considering Sharon's Exploration Stitch session and possibly doing the personal library one....we'll see.
I'll have to take a picture of my husband's Ganesh, he's a beauty. I didn't know he was the patron of Art and Sciences too.
Have a great week! Start chipping away at those goals.

Barbara said...

I'm maybe abit too ambitious at times. I tend to think big but don't always achieve everything I would like too. I would love to see a picture of your husband's Ganesh. I just did a google search and one of the sights I went into listed the bit about him being the Patron of Art and Sciences. I hope its true. Hope it has stopped snowing for you!