Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Colours to Dye for.....Not quite

I thought it would be a good school holiday activity to do some dyeing with my son and also do some fabric for myself at the same time. As you can see from the photo above the fabric wasn't the only things that got dyed. After a half hour stint on his slip and slide all the dye had come off.

I used dylon cold dye which I got from Spotlight. The funny thing is that they were selling the dyes but not the cold fix satchels to go with it. When I asked they said that they haven't been able to get any but that salt works just as well. Anyway I haven't done any dyeing before so thought I would try it anyway and used the plastic bags to put the material in. The results weren't that great. The colours are abit faded out and pastel on some of the material. One of the material types was quite good - it looked great when wet but faded out when I washed it. I'm thinking it is because I didn't have the cold fix satchels. Anyway I know for next time and we had fun which was the main thing. I don't know how well the colour in the t-shirt will last. I might use some of the fabric for stitching backgrounds or maybe for Monoprinting.


Margarita Korioth said...

Seeing your son's picture with his happy face reminds me when my girls were small. And when
they were on holidays we use to dye everything we could find in the house.That's fun.

Barbara said...

Hi Margarita - glad this made you think of your own happy memories. It is lots of fun doing creative activities with your kids. I'll have to remember to make more time to do these types of things with him - they grow up too quickly.