Wednesday, 26 March 2008

March TIF Finished - "Remember to Stop and Smell the Flowers"

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. I finished my March TIF challenge as you can see above. I've called it "Remember to stop and smell the flowers".

I love observing the small details in the garden and how things grow and change from day to day. Time often feels like it is flying away and I sometimes don't make the time to go out into the garden. This is a reminder to go outside and not to let the small details going on in the garden pass me by.

I have made the flower oversized to emphasise its beauty and to create the impression of being enveloped in its perfume. Also a walk in the garden wouldn't be the same without the company of my beautiful cat "Jazzie".

I used a knitted sari silk background that I showed in a previous post. I had to put some batting and a cotton backing onto the back to make it abit more rigid so it would lie flat when hanging up.


Penny said...

really love this, so bright and cheerful.

GO! Smell the flowers said...

We live by your flower smelling sentiments run a busy social website called GO! Smell the flowers.

Feel free to come and have a smell, post comments and get to know the regulars - we'll gladly add you to our blogroll!

Keep up your inspirational work,

GO! Smell the flowers

Barbara said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Penny. Also thanks for the comments and invitation from the Go Smell the Flowers person. I took a look at your site and it looks great. I'll have to pop back and explore some more.