Friday, 4 April 2008

Gold Coast Craft and Quilt Fair

I can't wait till tomorrow. I'm spending the day at the Craft and Quilt Fair up at the Gold Coast. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Husqvarna Viking International Quilt Competition display. There's also the Best of Australia Quilts display and A World of Quilts by members of the Gold Coast Quilters Inc with a theme of World Travel. There will be lots of beautiful work to drool over. I'll be keeping my eye out for some beads, buttons and fabrics to buy, I'll have to try to control myself.

The April TIF is about Change. I haven't come up with any ideas yet, I have some days at home next week so I'll spend some time on it then. It's also the last week of the Small Art Quilt class I'm doing. This weeks class is creating a self portrait quilt. It looks like alot of fun, so I can't wait to get started on it. Also its the 5th week of The Fertile Earth class and this weeks theme is Shells, Rocks and Stones. I'm enjoying both of these classes so much that I don't want them to end.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I got some new things.

I got some more wool - I can't help myself, I love the colours and textures.

These batiks are beautiful. They were perfect to use as the background for a Tree of Life quilt that I'm doing for the Small Quilt Class.

I also have started collecting interesting buttons of all shapes, colours and sizes as well as beads. I've had some new additions of these but haven't taken a photo of them.

A can't help myself with books, I love them. These are a few I have got recently.

This book was abit different to what I expected as its all in black and white, but its a great reference book. I'm abit limited in my stitch knowledge so this is a great one to extend my stitch knowledge and to see how to take the stitches beyond their normal look.

I love this book. Each time I go back to it I find new things.

This is a bad photo but the book is great. The quilt on the front cover is really striking, I love the colour combination. Susan Sorrell has some art quilts in this book as well.

Another bad photo, but I had to also add these two books that I recently got out from the library. Both of these are very inspiring and well worth having. I think I will have to get my own copy of Stitch Magic sometime - I don't think I will be able to keep getting it out from the library.


paulahewitt said...

Hope you had fun at the show. I resist the gold coast show, but always go to the Brisbane one, and always spend more than i should! I love books too - I have as fun fun rading about the things I want to do, as actually doing them!

Barbara said...

I had alot of fun at the show. I'll have to go to the Brisbane show next time, it's probably bigger. But there was enough at this show to keep us occupied all day. I can relate to your comment about books.

Barbara said...
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MixPix said...

OOOOooo, lucky you - thanks for sharing your books - my library of embroidery books is my favourite thing, and I just had to write to say you are especially lucky to have the Constance Howard book.

Barbara said...

Thanks for leaving a comment mixpix. Yes I'm a bookaholic. The Constance Howard book is a treasure, it's a book that you could find new things everytime you look at it. I would love to get my hands on some of her other books - not sure if they are in print.