Monday, 28 April 2008

New Joggles Classes

The new Joggles classes have been listed on the website. I've signed up for the Textile Art with Pizzazz class with Debbie Babin. Debbie has been teaching on Quilt University and also had an article in Quilting Arts No. 29. I'm looking forward to her class which starts in July. I am very tempted to take more classes but I've learnt my lesson from taking 3 lessons that overlapped last term. I didn't get to participate fully in them, and even though I have the lessons to go on with, I'll miss not having the class and teacher contact.

TIF Challenge Update - I'm about halfway through. I don't think I will have this one finished before the end of the month but I'll try to have it finished next week. I'm working the rest of this week, going away on the weekend to Brisbane to see James Blunt (I can't wait) and then I have time off next week to concentrate on finishing it off.

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