Saturday, 15 March 2008

Sick of Being Sick!!!!

I'm just feeling sad and sorry for myself as I've only been sick since yesterday. I've just got a cold, runny nose, sore throat and sore head. My husband has had it all week and then wanted to share it with me. Anyway I'm supposed to work today, but had to have the day off. Which isn't good when your job is casual - no work no pay. I'm supposed to work Sunday and Monday too, so hoping that I'm quite abit better by tomorrow. It's definately not good to be sneezing on customers!!!

No more work at the moment to show. I did get some goodies in the mail this week from Joggles and should be getting some things from The Thread Studio this week, so when I'm feeling better I'll show some photos.

Off to blow my nose, get a hot drink and head for bed.

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