Monday, 20 April 2009

Things are going well.

Thank you for all the well wishes. I haven't had a chance to reply to you all, but I will soon.

I'm feeling abit tired and sore still. It isn't so bad though as it was key hole surgery, so it seems to be alot easier than when I had my caesarian. Anyway I'm taking it very easy and resting alot. The good news is my husband will be home from his motorbike ride today. Yee Haaaaa!!!! I'm not sure if I'll let him go away again if things like this are going to happen when he goes (only joking).

My mum is still in a fair bit of pain but they managed to get her up and sitting in a chair yesterday. Hopefully things will keep progressing well for her.

I was surprised to see the new Joggles classes are out. I didn't think they would be for awhile yet. There looks like lots of good ones. Go here to look at them.

My Quilting Arts magazine has finally come today, so I'm going to go and relax now and look through that. I love the cover, I can't wait to look inside.

Anyway, I probably wont blog for a week or two. I'm just going to take the time to rest and get over this. See you for now.


KaiteM. said...

don't you worry about replying Barb, just curl up and take good care of yourself, it's been a big shock to the system. give yourself at least 2 weeks to get even slightly close to normal. K.

Christine said...

Yes like KaiteM said take care of yourself. There is so much for you to deal with at the moment, take some time out to rest & recover.

Aditi said...

Sending lots of good wishes to you! Take care of yourself!

Plain Jane said...

oh my gosh! what a week indeed. Ouch!! take care and rest...
gentle hugs,

Sparklyjools said...

Hi Barb,
So, so sorry to hear you've had such a shock this week. You just have plenty of rest and relaxation and take care of yourself.
Big hug

Jules x (adventuresin

Barbara said...

Thanks for all your nice comments. I hope you all got the messages I sent you. Barb