Thursday, 30 April 2009

Still Abit Fuzzy Brained!!

I'm getting back to normal slowly. I'm still feeling abit off. I was going to go back to work today but just couldn't do it. Yesterday I went out to a few shops and did some food shopping, thinking that I was feeling better. But by night time I felt exhausted. My bodies telling me it needs more time to rest. So I'm having 4 more days at home, then next week I'll be working Monday and then Friday for 4 days. So atleast I have a few breaks in between.

I've been doing a little bit of sewing here and there. Nothing to show just yet.

I have to give you some links to some fantastic Embroidery. Go to the blog Fat Quarter or to Flickr to see a beautiful Assisi-dragon piece. Make sure you click on the photo to enlarge it and check out the amazing variety of stitches. I love this piece - I have to keep going back to look at it more to take in all the stitching. Colours are beautiful too.

Also Lisa did the Personal Library of Stitches class with me. She did some wonderful contemporary embroidery samplers for the class using lots of colour and great designs. You can see them on her flickr page . She posted a great photo of all the samplers together on the Joggles class forum. They looked wonderful. I don't think she has that photo on flickr.
Anyway, bye for now.


Annet said...

Barbara, you're the second person mentioning my dragon in a blog! Thank you.

Christine said...

That dragon is gorgeous!

Glad to hear you are recovering, take it easy & listen to your body.
I'm being tempted by some of the joggles classes again...are you doing any this term?

Barbara said...

Annet - your dragon is gorgeous, you did such a great job of it. I hope lots of people get to see it.

Barbara said...

Hi Christine - I sent you a reply email. The joggles classes sure are tempting again, I think I might do the Textural Beading class. I'll wait till it gets abit closer to decide.

KaiteM. said...

Barbara please just keep recovering slowly and surely, don't try to rush it. Your body has had a big shock, the surgery might have been keyhole on the outside but what happened inside was a lot more dramatic. Just sit and stitch quietly. K.

Barbara said...

Thanks for your caring comments. I will still be taking it easy. Hugs Barb.