Monday, 6 April 2009

Personal Library of Stitches

This class is going way to fast. This is my exploration for Week 4. I used about 8 shades of green. I also used a couple of thicker threads and also DMC 6 strands. This thick background is just made up of layers of Cretan stitch.

I then went on to explore some stitches that can be used to represent flowers. From left to right - Algerian Eye or Star stitch, Fly stitch, French Knots grouped together, top - French Knots and Bullion stitch and bottom - Palestrina stitch. I used two different coloured threads in my needle for the Palestrina stitch that has the yellow in it.

This was really fun and I'd like to do a full piece with this type of background sometime.

I now have the Week 5 notes to go on with and then the Week 6 notes come on Thursday. I still have lots of exploring of stitches to do for all of the weeks. This class really gets the ideas flowing. I now understand why Sharon Boggon from Pin Tangle (and the teacher of this class) has such a very long sampler.

I haven't done the last 2 of the Stitch Explorer challenges but I'll catch up on them when this class is finished.


Art4Sol said...

I love how this one is taking a field of wildflowers.
Hope you got my messages.

Barbara said...

Thanks Darlene. I got your messages, thanks. I saw the feature of you on Acornmoon, it was great. Happy Easter to you too.

Annet said...

I nearly missed this lovely piece! It's beautifull.

Linda said...

Sorry I'm late leaving a comment, but I've just discovered you and I absolutely love this piece. Must go and practice cretan stitch now!!
Linda :-)

Barbara said...

Thanks Annet and Linda.