Friday, 13 June 2008

April TIF Finished and Initial thoughts for June TIF Challenge

April TIF Challenge finished - Change - "Go with the flow of Life"
For the April TIF I used a background that I had made using a silk material backing, covered in threads and then a top layer of green chiffon. I then free motion stitched all over and then burnt away some parts. Then I did lots of layers of green embroidery over the top using cross stitch and chain stitch. Then I added flowers. The concept on change is often a hard thing to accept and go along with, so my theme of Going with the flow of Life is to remind me of the natural cycles of life and to sometimes just let go and go with the flow. Sometimes the heartache and struggles are just from holding on so fiercly and not just accepting and going with the flow. It's easy to say as some times change can knock you flying. This is a happy piece to show that change is not necessarily bad it is a transformation to something different.

June TIF Challenge - I've got to get a move along with this. I have some days off this week so hoping to spend some time getting this done. The concept for this month is Stories that are and stories that are possible. The first thing that came into mind was a picture of a person with hair made from all different materials and fibres, with some pictures forming out of these. Representing ideas going from the materials to solid ideas.

I'm thinking that I will do the background as lots of small pieces of material from my stash, freemotion stitched together onto the background. Then I think I will do a self portrait picture. But I'm still thinking, so it might end up as something completely different. I'll keep you posted.


MixPix said...

This April TIF piece is lovely - I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and explanation about how you did it, and your thoughts for June are interesting - I look forward to seeing the piece.

Barbara said...

Thank you for your comment mixpix. I enjoyed looking at your blog and seeing your TIF Challenge pieces.