Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I was looking through my supplies and found these wools that I had. I love the colours and textures.

I also found this Silk Thread that I got from the Thread Studio last year which I hadn't used.

So today I knitted this with the Silk Thread while I was watching the movie "The Girl With The Pearl Earring". I'm going to use it as a background. The colours are gorgeous. The movie was okay - not as good as I thought it would have been. It was on TV so it didn't help having commercials which took away from the mood abit.

On the subject of movies I went and saw "PS I love you" with my best friend, and yes we took the tissues with us. It was great. I'm looking forward to seeing "Atonement" which has just come out.


Debbie Babin said...

Barb-I found your blog by a random search on the artful quilters ring.
I LOVE what you are doing. I especially like this knitted piece. I am curious how you will use it as a background.
I am also on the ring, but I am struggling to get traffic to my blog.
If you have any tips, let me know.
Also, if you have a website we could double post. My website is:
Check out my work there.
Right now I have a class on the Quilt University too.
Title: Floral Pizzazz
There are 5 students from Austrailia.
Debbie Babin

Barbara said...

Thanks for looking at my blog Debbie and leaving a comment. I looked at your website, blog and Quilting Arts article and love your work. The main reason why I have people visiting my blog is that I signed up to the Take It Further Challenge with Sharon Baggon. You can read about it on her blog There are over 200 people signed up to do it. We are meant to post about the challenge every week and have something completed each month. I was abit slow with my January one and haven't finished it yet, but I should be finished the February one this week. We leave a post on Sharon's blog to let the other challenge people know that we have posted about it on our blog. If it wasn't for this challenge I probably wouldn't have many visitors to my blog. I'll email you Debbie so we can talk some more.

Debbie Babin said...

Barb-I am leaving another post because I realized I forgot to ask the question that initially brought me to your site! I love the knitted piece; I want to know how you plan to go about making it into a background.
Thank you for taking the time to write to me.
Debbie Babin

Barbara said...

Hi Debbie - I'm not totally sure yet. But I'm just going to use it the same way that I would fabric in an art quilt. I'll use it as a background to a picture and embellish it. I'm thinking about using it for the March challenge, so stay tuned.