Friday, 29 February 2008

Feb TIF Challenge Finished!!!!!

Yeah, I'm finished!!!!!!! I'm happy that I managed to finish it in time. So here it is.

This was one of the things that I was old enough to remember, my red peddle car. The coloured parts are the bits that are remembered and the black and white represents the things that don't stand out in this memory. The car is oversized as it is the main focus of the memory and also remembering it through a childs eyes it seemed huge. The tree is a tree of life and it represents the paths I could take in life and being at a time when all my life was in front of me. I was embarking on the journey of life, not knowing that it would lead me to where I am today.

I tried many times to get the photo of me in the car to transfer well onto fabric. They all turned out very faded so in the end I printed onto canvas and fused this onto the piece. I machine stitched on all the pieces and did some hand embroidery swirls on the grassed area.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next challenge will be.

An update on my January TIF. I've done lots of stitching, I'm up to the grassed area. I should be finished soon - I'll wait till I'm finished to show a photo.


Christine said...

Looks great Barb & I love the story behind it. I haven't tried photo tranfer as yet so I'll have to find out what products you used. Looking forward to the next TIF piece.

Susan D said...

My brother had a similar car when he was little, I seem to remember it was blue though which given that he is a red hot Liverpool FC fan would be the wrong colour now.

jacqui said...

This is greeat, as Tony the tiger would say....not sure why but it just me reminded me of that.

I love the simplicity of the the design and overall feeling of joy

sharonb said...

Looks great - photo transfers can be a pain but they are worth it when they work like this

Barbara said...

Thanks Christine, Susan, Jacqui and Sharon for your comments. I wish it was one of my photo transfers that I used on the quilt, they turned out all washed out and took away from the look of the quilt. I ended up having to print from the computer onto canvas, cut this out and fused it to the quilt. Not the same as using a photo transfer but I got the look I was after.