Friday, 11 June 2010

TAST 2 Catch Up - Week 3 to Week 15

With my trip away and things being busy at work and home, I ended up getting way behind with TAST 2. So here is a catch up piece with a small sample of each stitch from Week 3 to Week 15.

The stitches are Week 3 - Beaded Hedebo Edge, Week 4 - Portuguese Border Stitch, Week 5 - Knotted Buttonhole Stitch, Week 6 - Buttonhole Eyelet Flower, Week 7 - Rope Stitch, Week 8 - Fancy Hem Stitch, Week 9 - Raised Herringbone Band, Week 10 - Cloud Filling, Week 11 - Bullion Buttonhole, Week 12 - Sorbello, Week 13 - Raised Cup Stitch, Week 14 - Buttonhole Herringbone and Week 15 - Ladder Stitch.

I've been learning alot by doing all these new stitches. It's funny how the stitches I don't think I'm going to like, end up most of the time being stitches that I really like doing.


Its All About Creating said...

Beautiful, beautiful work. - Marlene

Art4Sol said...

I always enjoy seeing your samplers...your choice of colors are exciting and what fun new stitches! I should really expand my collection and use. You're an inspiration!
Have a great weekend.


Your schedule is full, rich, but your work is splendid.
Congratulations for your blog.
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