Thursday, 3 December 2009

Needle Magazine

I really like the new free online magazine "Needle". It's for those that love embroidery, both traditional and contemporary. Its put out by the Hand Embroidery Network. There's even an article in this first issue on Susan Sorrell - yay!!

Go here to take a look at the magazine.

You might like to also go and look at the Hand Emboidery Network (HEN). They have a call for entries for their online Winter Embroidery Exhibition with the theme "Winter Wonderland". They have extended the deadline to 31 December. More details can be found on their blog.
Also, view their current exhibition "Living Organisms" here.


Kaite said...

I'd love to look at that Needle mag but at 23 Mb it's a bit out of my league i'm afraid. But thanks for suggesting it to us. cheers, K.

Barbara said...

Hi Kaite - Online mags are a great idea but its abit useless if you can't access it. I still like getting my paper magazines - I couldn't bring myself to get Quilting Arts online. I love lying down, relaxing and pooring over the various articles and photos. The online versions just don't give me the same satisfaction. I'll still be keeping an eye out for this magazine when it comes out though. Barb

Sparklyjools said...

Hi Barb, Thanks so much for this link, Needle will keep me quiet for a while, while I get back into my stitching/art after my enforced absence! Hope all's well with you and the family.
Have you sent it to Sharon B?