Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I Joined the Bead Journal Project!

After reading Kaite's comment about joining the BJP (Bead Journal Project) I decided that I might as well jump in and do it. Thanks Kaite for the prompting.

I'm going to try to be organised from the start with maybe my backgrounds ready so it makes it easier for me to get started on it each month. They are not going to be totally beaded pieces, but beads mixed with embroidery/mixed media, etc.

I'm actually feeling excited about doing it.

Also for anyone interested in online classes the new Joggles classes for next year are up on their site.


Kaite said...

I'm so pleased Barb, you do such beautiful work, your beading and embroidery are just delightful. It will be great to see more of your artistry. Lovely beading on this posting and your green beaded art doll from the previous post is very intriguing.

I've cut my template out already, from clear acetate, and have made a start on a December one, as a trial run. cheers, K.

Suzan said...

I am anxious to see your beaded journals! This will be such a good companion to your other art work.

Sparklyjools said...

Oh good for you Barb, I am really looking forward to seeing what you create!