Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sam the thirsty Koala from the Victorian Bushfires

Sam the Koala was reunited with the fire fighter who gave her water and helped her to survive. These photos are gorgeous. They have said that she is doing well.

For the full story go to here.

A wild koala could normally rip you to pieces with their claws. Wildlife rescuers sometimes have great trouble trying to catch sick or injured Koalas and can get hurt in the process. This is beautiful to see. We have a large Koala population in the place I live and have a Koala Care Centre that looks after sick and injured Koalas. We sometimes have a Koala in the tree at the front of our house.

See the video of Sam and the fire fighter here.
If you would like to make a donation to the Victorian Bush Fire Appeal you can go to the Red Cross Website.


Eva said...

Even a small child would hardly be such an understanding and patient patient.

jude said...

gosh they are so gentle and accepting.

Barbara said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Eva and Jude.

The Koala must have been in pain/shock/dehydrated and just wanted help. They would normally run away or if you tried to touch them, they could lash out at you with their claws. They would only be trying to defend themselves.

Its so lovely when real connections are made with wild animals. From the look of their reunion it looks like she remembered him - She sniffed at him and then they put their noses together. She might just be in love with her hero.

Margarita Korioth said...

what a beautiful story. I also love to see wild animals running free in their own habitat. Where I live, in central Florida- USA we have black bears, deers and alligators.