Monday, 16 February 2009

Happy Late Valentines Day

I'm abit late for Valentines Day. I meant to post this on Saturday but didn't get a chance. I crocheted this heart using one of the tutorials from the 'Top 100 Tutorials for 2008' that Ellen has on her Blog The Long Thread. There's lots of ideas to try. This heart tutorial is by Bella Dia and can be found here. It was lots of fun and easy to make.

I got these beautiful tulips from my husband. Hope you had a lovely day.


Art4Sol said...

Beautiful favorite. I got homemade's what I asked for and banana cream pie. Sounds like we both got "keepers".

Barbara said...

My favourites too. The banana cream pie sounds good.

Mary said...

Okay, it's early. :)
Hi Barbara, I left you a message a minute ago, but it might have been on an older post. I wanted to make sure you got it, so I am posting it again. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like meeting new people.
Love your art quilts. I purchased a sewing machine a few months back - my first. I want to begin to incorporate fabric into my journals and art.

Good to meet you!!