Thursday, 27 December 2007

My New Toy

Christmas went really well. On Christmas eve when it got dark we drove around to see all the christmas lights on all the houses. There is one street in particular which goes all out and they even have santa there. On Christmas Day we had a Barbeque seafood lunch out on our back entertaining area, followed by an afternoon of playing cricket in our backyard. The neighbours even came down for drinks and a game. It was a really lovely relaxing day. It was good because it was warm but not sweaty hot like last year. But I do dream of sometime having a white christmas though, maybe in the USA or Canada.

Well santa did come and this is my new toy. I had fun today setting it all up and testing out the stitches.

I didn't get a chance to do any freemotion embroidery, maybe tomorrow. I can tell I'm going to have lots of fun.

I was looking at the Quilt University site and found some interesting classes starting in January. Journal Quilts and People in Places appealed to me, but I'm not sure if I will sign up for one. The Take It Further Challenge and the 2 Joggles classes I'm doing should keep me busy for the first part of the year. I might think about it abit.

I've been looking at some of the blogs on the Take It Further Challenge list. There are so many so I've been going through them bit by bit when I get a chance. Its great looking at everyones work. I read Sharon's RSS post today so I will be able to keep track of what everyone is doing. It's going to take a little while to put all the blog sites onto Blogger Reader but it will make things alot easier.


Sequana said...

What a nice new toy!

About the QU classes. I have taken lots of those, and when I'm too busy with other things to really DO the weekly lessons, I just print and save them for later. That's worked just fine for me. There is even a special Gallery at QU to post final projects after the class closes.

Also, as I add the TIF blogs to my Bloglines reader, I put them in a special folder to keep them separated from my usual blogs. That makes it even more organized.

I think it's in Options at Bloglines where you can add a new folder.

That's where you reside, btw...*S*

Barbara said...

Sequana, thanks for the bloglines advise. I'll have to get in and do it in the next couple of days so it is set up for when the TIF challenge starts.

I've done the same thing with Joggles classes when I haven't had the time to participate in a lesson. I have decided to do another Joggles class instead of the QU classes this time. But will do some QU classes later in the year.

Jane said...

Happy New Year Barbara! Do have fun with the new machine. The stitches you photographed are great and it looks like you are well on your way to having it all figured out...

Barbara said...

Thanks Jane. Happy New Year to you too!