Monday, 24 December 2007


I don't know what's happened to my blog header. It's gone big. I think I have to crop the photo and reput it back on. Will have to do that when I have more time after Christmas. It's been a busy time.

Have a lovely Christmas. Keep safe and I hope Santa visits. Also if you live somewhere that it snows, I hope you have a White Christmas.


Jane said...

Merry Christmas, Barbara. While I am blog hopping tonight, I decided to check through some of the sites from the TIF Challenge. Welcome to blogging, your site looks great. Love the Spirit Garden.

Barbara said...

Thanks Jane. I left a message on your blog. Hope you had a lovely Christmas snuggling up in front of that fire. I'd love to have a White Christmas some day. I've been looking through all the TIF Challenge blogs too, whenever I get a chance. Thanks for leaving a comment.