Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Textile Art Festival in Brisbane

The Festival was great. I bought some bits and pieces.

These are all wool except for the one on the right which is silk.

These are sari ribbons, sari silk twist and chiffon.

These are the various material pieces I bought. I love the 5 design pieces on the right, it was hard just to pick these. The 2 smaller woven pieces beside these at the top are upholstery samples. The green piece below these is hand dyed and the Stitched brown piece is also hand dyed. It was from Lisa Walton's stall. She had lots of wonderful hand dyed fabrics. She sells these on her website Dyed and Gone to Heaven.

I went to a few of the talks - Dale Rollerson from the Thread Studio talking about her Textile Art Explorations, one on Shrink Magic and I went to the talk by Marion Gorr about Overseas Textiles.

Marion runs a Silk business and spoke about her suppliers of Silk in China. She showed slides of these. Also they have set up a craft centre for the women of the Vikasana Institute in South India. They have done workshops with the women and give them the waste silk which they use to make dolls. She had a selection of the dolls there. They are going to be returning later this year to give more workshops. The dolls are lovely and they each have the makers name on a label on the back. They had a computer link up with the women in India showing them making the dolls and we were able to ask questions.

This is a photo of some of the dolls. You can see these and other items on the Beautiful Silks website. You can also go here to purchase the dolls online. You can learn more about the Doll making project here.

I did a class with Dale on Ratty Tatty Papers. There wasn't enough time to make a little book as they didn't supply enough irons for us to all use. But we did get to play with making silk paper and using starburst sprays to get different effects. It was also good to be able to see Dale's samples and books she has made, up close.

All the Art Quilts and the other displays were wonderful to see (Recycle Reuse, Collections, State of the Art and Bernina USA Fashion show and Creative Challenge). It is always amazing to see what people can come up with.

I forgot my camera, but here are some blogs with posts and photos of the festival.

Lisa Walton - Dyed and Gone to Heaven. Lisa shows a photo of her quilt "Solar Flare" on her blog. This was really beautiful to see up close. The beading doesn't really show up well in this photo though. Lisa has sold this quilt to a Lady who is going to display it in her Healing Centre. How wonderful - I'm sure this piece will be helping out in the healing process for all those who come in contact with it.

Robin's Ramblings

Also another post by Robin which shows photos of some of the amazing quilts.

Dale Rollerson - Down Under Dale


MargaretR said...

Lucky you having a class with Dale. I buy my wool from her too! Beautiful colours.

Barbara said...

Thanks for your comment Margaret.

Even though it was only a short class, I'm glad I did it. Dale does have great products. I just loved looking around her stall at all of the products that I have seen on her website and seeing what they are actually like.

The Connections Exhibition that Dale had displayed was beautiful to see too.

Art4Sol said...

What a wonderful exhibit...wish I could have been there. I especially like the dolls. Thanks for sharing the wealth of info!

Linda said...

Gorgeous fibres..I especially love using sari silks; the colours are always beautiful.
'Dyed and Gone to Heaven'....that made me smile!!! Must go and check out the website....
Linda x

Barbara said...

I thought you would like the dolls, Darlene.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Linda. Some people come up with really clever names for their blogs, don't they.