Saturday, 8 November 2008


Following are some backgrounds I've been doing for Week 1 of the Joggles online Mixed media class with Jane LaFazio.

There are some very talented people in the class so it is going to be interesting to see their class work. I think my favourites are the first photo (the red/orange one) and also the yellow/green one. It doesn't look as bright in real life.
This is week 2 of the class, so I have to get thinking about what images I will use. I might also make some changes to the backgrounds as I go. I might need to tone down some of the patterns abit and make some additions. I will see how it all unfolds. Its alot of fun!


Art4Sol said...

I like them all...but my favorite is the orange and green one with the'll be fun to see the end results.

Plain Jane said...

how are they coming along?

Barbara said...

Thanks for your comments Darlene. I still have a long way to go with them. I need to tone them down abit.

Barbara said...

Hi Jane, I've been working all this week and going away on the weekend so haven't had a chance to do any more at this stage. Still picking which one to work on and what subject to use. I need to tone these down abit and make the patterns not stand out as much. I think I will have to do this to each one as I work on one of the lessons. I find it hard to do at the stage where I don't know where I'm going with the piece. Anyway I have some ideas - so should be able to work on lesson 2 and maybe lesson 3 next week.

Cat said...

It looks to me like you are one of the very talented people in the class!

Neat backgrounds! The top one in orange and pinks brings me inspiration.

Have fun

Barbara said...

Thanks Cat for your lovely comments. I have visited your blog and your work is really beautiful. Your blog is now one of my favourites to visit.