Monday, 18 August 2008

August TIF Challenge - Abit more

A little bit more done today. Rosette chain around the outside of the orange paisley design and blanket stitch around the outside of the pink one.


verobirdie said...

Great background, and the imperfect ying-yang is a great idea too.

miekenoor said...

This really is about balance, beautifully done. I love your stitches!

Barbara said...

Thank you both for your comments.

neki desu said...

i really like the way the background ties together the red paisleys.

if you wish go to my flickr
for some photos of the most incredible shishas i've seen. these were at a restaurant in Helsinki

neki desu

Barbara said...

Thank you for leaving a comment Neki and thank you for giving me the link to the shisha embroidery on your flickr site. It's beautiful. I also enjoyed looking at all the other interesting photos on your site. When I have abit more time I'm going to go in and have a read of your blog as well.